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Christine Ghione

Chris is a very energetic and motivated patient engagement consultant and advocate passionate about impacting and improving patient care and outcomes. She has over 24 years of experience designing, developing and executing innovative digital educational solutions globally with demonstrable results.

She has witnessed “the” challenges across various geographical regions in diagnosing and treating patients and strives to achieve better access to testing, treatment, and personalized medicine. Chris believes in fostering patient-centric healthcare and raises awareness and empowers patients.

She has excellent stakeholder engagement capabilities, including experience building relationships and partnerships with key opinion leaders, international medical societies, patient organizations, medical education companies and providers of patient support programs.

She enjoys building communities and inspiring teams to co-create and has fantastic leadership skills. She always focuses on creativity and unmet needs. She is sensitive to regional and local needs.

Chris is a catalyst with a strong ability to influence and negotiate. She is ambitious and results-driven and is happiest when she has led, coached and enabled a team to achieve significant change.

My journey

My entire career has been focused on developing independent medical education to educate physicians on new treatments coming to market and enable them to offer the best treatment possible to their patients to improve outcomes.

My journey in patient advocacy and patient engagement began in 2019 when I was diagnosed with breast cancer. Having dedicated my professional life to healthcare and physician education, I felt the urgent need for better community support for cancer patients. I created a foundation for cancer patients in Spain and led the organization for 2 years.

I was fully responsible for the development of all educational materials and created two digital platforms with information on drug accessibility and reimbursement information along with other patient resources on disease awareness. I advocated for earlier testing and improved access to treatments. I established and managed relationships with patient organizations, medical institutions, pharma global stakeholders and public health administration and drove synergies. I managed advocacy activities focusing on the patient experience and patient journey and led multi-functional teams and assessed patients´ needs and defined creative solutions. I was fully responsible for all fundraising.

During this time, I also volunteered in The Synergist Global Group acting as co-lead of the Patient and HCP Education and Awareness working group. I helped develop disease agnostic adaptable patient tools to empower patients educating about precision medicine and biomarker testing to increase shared decision-making. I worked with various umbrella patient organizations from around the globe to evaluate their existing resources and tools to leverage them for other groups. I collaborated during this co-creation with stakeholders from the industry to integrate their opinions including patient engagement teams, medical affairs, public affairs, communications and market access.

Christine Ghione
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Quote: "I offer services to patient engagement teams, patient organizations, medical education companies, providers of patient support programs and others in the healthcare industry."

What I can add to your team

patient engagement strategies, stakeholder management, patient-centricity, health literacy, patient and physician education, patient advocacy, digital health, personalized medicine and equity, diversity & inclusion.

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