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Roi Shternin

Empowering Patients, Revolutionizing Healthcare

My story is about taking control. Years of misdiagnosis in Israel left me frustrated, but not defeated. I self-diagnosed with POTS and dedicated myself to changing the system from within. From founding the Patient-led Israeli Society for Dysautonomia to championing the Chronically movement, I’ve always strived to amplify patient voices. As the first-ever Chief Patient and Head of Innovation at Valero Clinical, I revolutionized patient interaction in clinical trials, ensuring patients are active partners, not passive subjects. My book, “Revolution From My Bed,” reflects this ongoing mission: empowering patients to become active participants in their own healing journeys. Join me on Patients Unite. Together, we can build a healthcare system where patients are heard, respected, and empowered.

My Books, Podcast, keynote and writings.