Welcome to my testimonials page, where you can dive into a collection of tributes and recognitions that highlight my unique skills, dedication and contributions. Explore why my partners and customers have chosen to recognise my remarkable expertise, dedication and achievements. I provide an insight into the positive influence and what makes Patients Unite an outstanding professional in its field.

Dive into the recommendations and testimonials that demonstrate her impact and effectiveness. Explore the reasons why I am being recommended for her remarkable work.


“I have the pleasure of working with Lisbeth on the cross-border trials initiative EU-X-CT, which is a multi-stakeholder project aimed at enabling easier access for patients to clinical trials in another country when there is no opportunity for them to join a trial in their own country. Lisbeth’s commitment and enthusiasm for the project are exemplary and she has done a fantastic job (co-)leading one of the task forces as well as being an active contributor and much respected member of the core management team and other groups. Her participation and insights are particularly valuable, as she has great experience and understanding of working with patients and patient organizations.

She really knows what matters to patients and has many connections in the patient community. She is a great motivator and leader, able to manage multiple projects but remaining focused and delivering on her promises even when timelines are short or when things get difficult. I can recommend her as a wonderful team player, great task force leader and fantastic contributor to the EU-X-CT project. Thank you Lisbeth for all your hard work in 2023 and look forward to continuing to work with you on this important initiative!.”

Susan Bhatti, Director EU Global Regulatory and Scientific Policy at Merck BV

“I have had the privilege of collaborating with Lisbeth at Manigrip as a part of our expert panel consisting of experts in the field and patients.

Her contribution to the product development at Manigrip has been nothing short of a key factor in the company’s success. Her honesty and ability to provide constructive feedback have been invaluable to our team. She has not only focused on delivering a product but has also created an atmosphere of constant improvement and innovation.

Lisbeth’s passion for patient involvement is a quality that has left its mark on the entire company culture. Her dedication to understanding and meeting the needs of patients has been a driving force that has strengthened the fundamental DNA of Manigrip. This is clearly reflected in the expert panel she helped establish.

Having a group of patients and experts regularly assisting the company in delivering a relevant product is a fantastic outcome. If we did not let the patients have a say in the product development we would not have created such an innovative product as ours. And the earlier a company begins patient involvement the better. We started before we knew what the problem was. And Lisbeth was one of the earliest patients we met and her passion for patient involvement has been unchanged for the last 7 years of collaborating with her.”

Thomas Solgaard, Head of sales and product development & co-founder of Manigrip

“Lisbeth is a very inspirational and knowledgeable leader who can bring people together for a common purpose. She works well within an international team and understands innovation.”

Katrina Delargy, Founder, CEO at TIYGA


“Lisbeth is comfortable and inspiring to work with. I collaborated with her on an academic publication and very much appreciated her positive attitude, enthusiasm, and openness to experimentation. Lisbeth impressed me as a very committed patient advocate, who can bring in sharp and much-needed perspectives.”

Claudia Egher, Researcher at the Copernicus Institute of Sustainable Development


“Lisbeth’s smile, power and lovely blue bag go a long way with her good karma, which, like another little bellflower, has paved the way for me and my course participants as one of the first pioneers in a systematic integration of user and system.”

Kasper Kolind, Deputy Director, Central Denmark Region


“Very well-prepared, and possessed a great deal of knowledge. A pleasure and great to meet such a cool person as you, with real energizer and inspiring positive mind ”

Hans Pilgaard, Actor

“Lisbeth is e real energizer and brings Patients In Focus in Denmark as in other countries.”

Hans Henrik Døssing, Manager at House of Natural Sciences

“As a patient champion during the 2020 DayOne HealthHack in collaboration with PwrsoanlPulse Lisbeth was able to support all the partners in numerous ways. Her insights and loved experience along with strategic and bluesky mindset add real value. I am delighted to have the opportunity to co-create solutions at the Hack with Lisbeth. I look forward to continuing to co-create with Lisbeth on projects that are Empowering People Who Are Patients.”

Steven Bourke, PersonalPulse

“I have worked with Lisbeth in an IMI project on use of blockchain technology in the pharmaceutical lifecycle and currently in a multi-stakeholder initiative on cross-border access to clinical trials for patients with life-threatening or rare diseases. Lisbeth’s insight as a patient living with a disease and in the complexity of clinical development of new medicinal products as a EUPATI Fellow, her knowledge and experience in efficient communication and her leadership skills as the patient Co-Chair of one of our Task Forces contributed meaningfully to the success of both projects. And it was and is just a pleasure to work with Lisbeth.”

Ingrid Klingmann, Chair at EFGCP

“As a member of the Patient in Focus board, Lisbeth has actively participated in the design and execution of the organisation’s strategic decisions and operations. During my time as a board member, Lisbeth has contributed to creating a healthy and transparent organisational culture while strengthening the association’s focus on patient interests.

Lisbeth has participated in board meetings where she has contributed to the development of strategic goals, budgets and prioritisation. She has also been involved in overseeing and monitoring the organisation’s operations and finances. Lisbeth has demonstrated strong leadership skills and decision-making ability, while maintaining an open dialogue with the other board members and the association’s other members. She has also been dedicated to promoting the organisation’s goals and mission within the given field.

I hereby confirm that Lisbeth has gained valuable professional experience in the management of voluntary organisations through my time on the board of Patient in Focus and this was one of the reasons why I joined the board, that I got the feeling that there was a good strategic and good culture in the association and not least in the board.”

Martin Lønborg, Rent a CFO

“Relevant insights, passionate commitment to the patients’ cause and issues with a rigorous work ethic – working with Lisbeth has been a very rewarding experience.”

Dr. Tamás Bereczky

“I have had the pleasure of collaborating with Lisbeth as a valued member of our expert panel. Since the beginning, Lisbeth has consistently offered invaluable patient perspectives on products, branding, and business, making her a true co-creator within our organization. Her passion and drive make her an exceptional team member, always ready to contribute meaningfully.

Lisbeth is not only a visionary but also a front runner, representing one of the most significant patient voices in the field. I highly recommend working with Lisbeth, and I hope to continue my work with her yeas to come

“Thank you so much for your great work on our dilemma show. You put a face and words to difficult questions and made wise suggestions and reflections. You did it so well!”

Anne Reinholdt, The Danish Rheumatism Association (Gigtforeningen)