Founder of The Irish Neonatal Health Alliance

Mandy C. Daly

I am the founder of the collaborative multi-stakeholder, multi-disciplinary platform, The Irish Neonatal Health Alliance and a EUPATI Fellow and Tutor of the EUPATI Essentials Program.

I specialize in the areas of Advocacy, Education and Research.

My accomplishments in the field include collaborating on several neonatal and pediatric health system reviews and clinical audits, reviewing obstetric, neonatal and bereavement clinical guidelines, mentoring PhD students and developing and delivering curricula and continued education for medical, nursing, allied health professional and patient expert students.

I serve on the advisory board of the PPI Ignite Network which promotes excellence and innovation in public and patient involvement and the NIDCAP Federation International which supports development, enhances strengths and minimises stress for infants and their families in the Neonatal Units globally.

Contact information 
e-mail: mandy.daly @

Phone: +353 87 6896287


I am a certified patient expert at The European Patients’ Academy on Therapeutic Innovation (EUPATI) in Patient Expert Training Progamme in Medicines Research and Development. EUPATI Fellow and Tutor of the EUPATI Essentials Program.

My experience

I also work as patient collaborator and embedded patient researcher on over 70 national and international research studies (including developing Core Outcome Sets).

I’m a chair committee member of group that developed the European Standards of Care For Newborn health, a public reviewer of funding applications for the Irish Health Research Board and the British Medical Journal Open Pediatrics, and a member of the National Office of Research Ethics Clinical Trials Committee.

I work with the National Clinical Trials Office Stakeholder and Management Committee, the European Medicines Agency, the Health Products Regulatory Authority of Ireland, have experience in Health Technology Assessment and have published papers in several journals including the British Medical Journal, The Lancet, The Journal of Obstetrics and Gynaecology and Trials.

Read more about my INHA initiativ here. 

MandyPatient Expert
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Quote: "Embark on a quest to champion neonatal health and transform the landscape of care for newborns and their families. As the founder of the Irish Neonatal Health Alliance and a dedicated advocate, educator, and researcher, your mission is to spearhead initiatives that promote excellence, innovation, and inclusivity in neonatal healthcare."

What I can add to your team

Rally support and raise awareness for neonatal health issues on local, national, and international platforms. Utilize your expertise to influence policies and drive meaningful change in healthcare systems.

Develop and deliver comprehensive educational programs for healthcare professionals, patient experts, and the broader community. Empower individuals with knowledge to improve neonatal care practices and outcomes.

Lead collaborative research endeavors aimed at enhancing neonatal healthcare delivery and patient outcomes. Mentor aspiring researchers, contribute to clinical audits, and participate in the development of clinical guidelines to ensure evidence-based practices.

Engage with diverse stakeholders and organizations worldwide to foster collaboration, share best practices, and advocate for the standardization of care for newborns globally. Serve on advisory boards, review funding applications, and contribute to international research studies to promote a unified approach to neonatal health.

Chair committees and contribute to the development of European standards for newborn health. Ensure that guidelines and protocols uphold the highest standards of care, with a focus on improving outcomes and minimizing stress for infants and their families.

Uphold ethical standards in research and healthcare delivery as a member of clinical trials committees and advisory boards. Advocate for patient involvement in research and contribute to the development of core outcome sets to prioritize patient-centered outcomes.

Share insights and findings from your journey through scholarly publications in esteemed journals. Disseminate knowledge and contribute to the advancement of neonatal healthcare through impactful research and evidence-based practices.